Mama-to-be....What a BEAUTIFUL thing!!

Your body is busy making a miracle. What better time to capture all of that beauty and wonder? As moms, we don't always want to step in front of the camera. Especially when we feel like our body is no longer our own. I didn't often feel 'pretty' when I was fact I can count on one hand how many times I felt good about myself throughout my three pregnancies. I can tell you, the time that I threw out my insecurities and agreed to be the subject of a maternity portrait session...I've never felt more amazing. Not only will you look back on your maternity portraits in awe at what your body is capable of, your baby will love looking at those images and marveling at how he or she was growing in mommy's tummy. 

Maternity portrait sessions are typically scheduled from 28-36 weeks, when your bump is fully rounded out but you're not too terribly uncomfortable walking and moving around. While the focus of a maternity session is Mama, Dad and siblings are always welcome to join in. 

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