From toddlerhood to high the blink of an eye!

There is a moment when I click the shutter and I know, without a doubt, that a special image has been created. I don't need to see the camera screen to confirm it...I can feel it. I learned photography with old school film and darkroom paper, and even in the modern digital age there is still something wonderful that happens when you click and you just know.

This happens most often when I work with kids. They are so real and authentic, and at each age and stage there's something awesome to be captured. The toddler who's always on the go or the one who needs a little extra snuggle from her parents. The elementary school age when teeth are falling out and growing in and life is just good because you're a kid. The pre-teen who is changing and growing every day, seeing the world in a whole new way. The high school senior who is reaching one of life's greatest milestones...heading off into the exciting world of adulthood.

These stages fly by so fast. From newborn to high school, we aim to capture them all. Because you'll blink and that newborn will be heading off to kindergarten...then to high school. I can't think of a better way to preserve those special moments than with photography. My favorite thing in our home are the portraits we have displayed of our family. I look at them every single day and am so glad we captured them.

Let us know how we can help capture your precious memories.