Family is...Everything

Everyone loves a great family portrait. However, most of us dread the thought of planning, shopping for the clothes, ensuring kiddos are napped and fed, then trying to make sure everyone is on their best behavior and smiling for the camera.

Here's the thing. Real life just doesn't look like that perfect family portrait. So we aim to take the stress out of the whole ordeal. Yes, you'll still want to put together some outfits that look cute. And you'll want to make sure the kiddos are napped and fed, because tired and hungry kids are not happy kids! But when you book your family portrait session with Ivy Impressions, we love to capture the 'real' you. The family that laughs, and tickles, and makes silly faces..the kiddos that are on the go, the sweet snuggles between mama and her babies. These are the moments we want to capture in your portraits, and this is the way we want you to remember your portrait session. Yes, we'll still grab some shots where we try to get everyone to look at the camera and smile...but mostly we want to capture you and your family as you make special memories. These are the moments you'll want to hang on your walls and look fondly at every day.

Ivy Impressions is located in Genoa, Illinois and we shoot outdoors, on location in the Genoa, Sycamore, Elgin, St. Charles and Geneva areas, as well as other surrounding Chicagoland suburbs.

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